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About Us

Cistron Biolab, a part of the Gentaur Group, is a life science marketing company, previously located in Chennai, India, and has now moved to the US. We offer a comprehensive range of research products for various fields, including:

  • Molecular Biology
  • Proteomics
  • Cell Biology
  • Immunology
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Molecular Diagnostics

We cater to the needs of both research institutions and medical communities across India.

Cistron Biolab was founded with a mission to provide researchers with solutions to their everyday challenges. We achieve this by introducing cutting-edge, technology-driven products from world-class manufacturers and R&D centers at affordable prices.

We are committed to revolutionizing the current diagnostic landscape for cancer and metabolic disorders. We aim to achieve personalized diagnostics through the introduction of novel, next-generation methods based on technologies like NGS, PCR, ELISA, FISH, IHC, and Flow cytometry. Our dedicated team of experts in cancer and metabolic disease diagnostics is prepared to tackle the challenges of this revolution.


To become a leading force in the Indian life science market and personalized diagnostics by 2020.


As part of the Gentaur Group, Cistron Biolab is committed to contributing to the advancement of life science research and improving personalized diagnostics for cancer and metabolic diseases in India. We achieve this by providing the research and medical communities with access to novel, next-generation products from world-class manufacturers. We emphasize strong pre- and post-sales support and service to ensure our customers have a successful experience.